Black Streaks & Ugly Roof Stains?
Don’t Replace it, have Advantage Restore it!

Maintain & Restore Cedar Shakes
with Advantage’s non-pressure cleaning!

Improve the appearance of any building
with Advantage’s exterior soft-wash services

Roof Cleaning

Remove black streaks & ugly stains on roofs caused by algae, moss, mold & lichen with our inexpensive and environmentally friendly cleaning process.

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Cedar Shake Cleaning

Our non-pressure cleaning process stops present deterioration and the cedar shakes are returned to their intended functioning condition.

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Soft-Washing Exterior

Keep any building looking it’s best with Advantage’s exterior soft-washing services. Annual cleaning keeps homes & families safe from contaminants.

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Roof Cleaning in Illinois

Advantage Roof Cleaning Co of Illinois removes the black streaks and ugly stains on roofs caused by algae, moss, mold and lichen with its inexpensive and environmentally friendly cleaning process with guaranteed results. We treat asphalt, fiberglass, cedar, slate and tile roofs.

Roughly 50% of roofs in the Midwest are replaced simply due to their ugly appearance or premature deterioration that could have been prevented! It goes without saying that replacing a roof is very costly. Imagine spending $4,000 – $24,000 on a brand new roof only to find out that you could have extended its useful life several years if you had it professionally treated and restored for a mere fraction of the cost!

Home Exterior Soft-Washing & Siding Cleaning

The most obvious reason to have the exterior of your home cleaned professionally is to make it beautiful again. If you’re considering selling your home, exterior cleaning improves curb appeal dramatically and can bring you an extra $10,000 to $15,000 on the sale price, according to the National Association of Realtors.

Whether your house is brick, stucco, vinyl or aluminium siding, or painted wood, the exterior surfaces of your home will last longer with proper routine maintenance, which includes annual cleaning. Routine cleaning prevents rot, decay, and other types of damage that can have a cumulative effect, if left unchecked.

Why Choose Advantage?

  • Our effective cleaning process will instantly restore your building/house to its proper condition.
  • Our eco-friendly cleaning process will not harm your roof, siding or landscaping.
  • We NEVER pressure wash, as that will cause damage!
  • Instead, we use a certified Soft Wash system, which is a proven & safe low-pressure process.


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