Cedar Shake Roof and Cedar Siding Cleaning in Evanston Cook County

Sunday, March 5th, 2017

Does your red cedar, cedar shake roof or cedar siding need to be cleaned? What color do you see – dark grey, black, brown, green, yellow? If you see any of these colors on your cedar shake roof or cedar siding, please take notice.

These colors are actually signs of infestations of mold, moss, algae, mildew, lichen, and fungus. We see this a lot in the north and west suburbs of Chicago such as in Evanston and Schaumburg in Cook County.  A professional roof cleaner will pay particular attention to any signs of infestation. These organisms spread across the cedar surface and if left untreated will cause the shingles to deteriorate.

Fungus commonly causes the wood to feel moist, soft, spongy, or stringy. It is dangerous because it simultaneously breaks down all the major wood components in your shingles.   This causes the shingle to gradually degrade to a spongy and stringy texture, causing it to weaken, shrink, break, and collapse.

Brown rot fungus, commonly known as “dry rot,” presents itself as a black or dirt brown color. It commonly causes the wood to be dry and fragile, cracking across the grain. It is dangerous because it rapidly decays the cellulose and hemicellulose in the shingles, leaving a brown residue of lignin (the substance that holds the wood cells together). Brown rot is generally more serious than white rot, as it can quickly weaken the shingle before any visible signs are detected.   If left untreated, the shingles will easily crumble into cubes, and turn into a powder when crushed.

Moss, which is appears green and spongy retains constant moisture on the cedar shake. Furthermore, it does not permit the red cedar to breathe as it should. This causes the cedar shake wood to deteriorate rapidly.

Be sure to periodically examine your cedar siding and cedar shake roof for the aforementioned colors. If you see any of them and suspect you may need a siding cleaner or roof cleaner contractor, be sure to contact a professional roofing and siding cleaner. The longer you put it off, the more damage will incur resulting in more costs to you.

For more information, photos and videos go here. Contact us now for a free assessment and quote.

Picture of Cedar Shake Roof Cedar Siding Before Roof Cleaning Evanston Cook County Picture of Cedar Shake Roof Cedar Siding After Roof Cleaning Evanston Cook County

Bill (Real Estate Broker)

Thursday, March 2nd, 2017

Advantage Roof Cleaning removes the focus from the roof stains and enhances the curb appeal 100% making it easier to sell the house. 

Gutter cleaning and vinyl cleaner Cicero, Cook County

Sunday, February 19th, 2017

Gutter cleaning and vinyl cleaner Cicero, Cook County

Have you taken a look at your siding lately especially on the north side? You may discover that it is covered with green and black stuff. That stuff is actually algae, mildew and mold!  Those organisms are alive and it can create an unhealthy environment for your family and pets, not to mention they are destroying the appeal of your property. They release air borne spores into the air. That is how they got there to begin with. We are seeing more and more of this in Cicero and surrounding communities in Cook and other collar counties.

The good news is that these invaders can be safely removed by a process called soft washing. This process is quite different and preferred over the conventional pressure washing and power washing. Go here to read more on the differences. This non-pressure washing system uses a specially formulated cleaner that not only cleans the dirt and discoloration off the gutters and siding, but more importantly remediates the organisms causing the ugly stains. The same process is used to clean aluminum, vinyl and Dryvit siding. Furthermore, it is also used to clean the same organisms and ugly stains off of roofs, patios, driveways and sidewalks. Go here for more information on roof cleaning.

Take a look at the before and after photos of this home. If you think you are in need of a siding cleaner contact a professional siding and roof cleaning contractor here and ask for a free quote.

Before picture gutter cleaning and vinyl cleaner in Cicero Cook County After picture gutter cleaning and vinyl cleaner in Cicero Cook County




Saturday, February 18th, 2017

Our roof looks absolutely amazing! They did such a wonderful job and we are pleased and thankful.


Sunday, February 12th, 2017

“The roof looks great!”


Friday, February 3rd, 2017

“Thanks guys you did a great job.”

Cedar Roof and Siding Cleaning in Elgin, Kane County Illinois

Sunday, January 29th, 2017

Cedar Roof and Siding Cleaning in Elgin, Kane County Illinois

The owners of this house were almost convinced that their cedar shake roof was beyond cleaning and would need to be replaced. Unfortunately most people don’t realize cedar shake roofs, as well as siding, needs to be periodically cleaned.  A properly maintained cedar roof will last at least forty years. The cedar shingles had dark gray, black and greenish colors.  The green spongy organisms that were growing on the cedar roof were moss. These are signs that the roof was overdue for a cleaning.

Cedar does not rot on its own. Rot is caused by continual moisture combined with moss, mold, mildew, lichen, or fungi. If these organisms are not removed in a timely fashion, the cedar roof will not live its expected life span resulting in a major expense for the home owners.

The good news for these home owners was that we were able to preserve the cedar roof by cleaning it. Our non-pressure cleaning process stopped the deteriorating condition by removing all the infestations.  We do not use pressure washers as they tend to damage the cedar. The cedar shakes were returned to their intended functioning condition.  This saved the owners some serious money. The cost of the treatment was less than 5% of what it would have cost to replace the roof.

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Picture of before cedar roof and siding cleaning in Elgin Kane County IllinoisPicture of after cedar roof and siding cleaning in Elgin Kane County Illinois

Roof and Siding Cleaning in Joliet, Illinois Will County

Sunday, January 15th, 2017

Looking at the condition of this house near the Joliet, Illinois Will County area , you know the owner takes pride in the property’s appearance. The siding is clean and attractive and the lawn is a lush green and well maintained.  There is one thing though that is out of place and you probably noticed it right away. It is the dirty roof. Even with the siding clean and nicely painted and the attractive yard, you just can’t help but be distracted by that stained roof. And you know the neighbors sure notice!

Fortunately though there is solution. Even though the roof may appear old it does not need to be replaced. All that is required is exterior cleaning -specifically roof cleaning. There is however a right way and a wrong to clean a roof. The same goes for cleaning gutters, soffits, fascia and siding. The wrong way is using a pressure washer, power washer or any type of scrubber. These devices dislodge granules from the roof shingles, leave streaks on the siding and can remove paint. Furthermore they only blast away dirt and build-up but don’t necessarily eradicate the algae, mildew and mold growing on the house exterior causing the black and green stains. If any of these organisms are left on the house surface, they will just quickly repopulate and your white siding will be green again in no time.

The correct way to clean roofs, gutters, soffits, fascia and siding is soft washing. This process  entails a roof and house cleaning contractor spraying a cleaner on the house roof and exterior with a pressure no greater than a typical garden house. The algae, mildew and mold growing on the house roof and exterior is instantly eradicated and the black and green stains instantly removed. Best of all this process is much more cheaper than the outdated pressure and power washing.

Fortunately the owner of this house near the Will County Joliet area had their roof soft washed by a trained certified roof and exterior cleaning contractor. The beautiful curb appeal of the house is now restored. For more information go here.

Before picture of roof and siding cleaning Will County JolietAfter picture of roof and siding cleaning Will County Joliet


Tuesday, November 22nd, 2016

“I do like the way the roof looks. It looks really good!”

David from Maple Park, IL 60151

Wednesday, November 16th, 2016

I was skeptical about how good this would turn out, but believe me the roof looks like new! I had ugly algae staining and streaking down the front of the roof, but after Advantage performed their cleaning the entire roof looks awesome. I would recommend this service and this company to anyone without reservation. Don’t worry, you can completely trust them to make your roof look new again at a fraction of the cost of a new roof.