Cedar Shake Roof and Cedar Siding Cleaning in Evanston Cook County

Does your red cedar, cedar shake roof or cedar siding need to be cleaned? What color do you see – dark grey, black, brown, green, yellow? If you see any of these colors on your cedar shake roof or cedar siding, please take notice.

These colors are actually signs of infestations of mold, moss, algae, mildew, lichen, and fungus. We see this a lot in the north and west suburbs of Chicago such as in Evanston and Schaumburg in Cook County.  A professional roof cleaner will pay particular attention to any signs of infestation. These organisms spread across the cedar surface and if left untreated will cause the shingles to deteriorate.

Fungus commonly causes the wood to feel moist, soft, spongy, or stringy. It is dangerous because it simultaneously breaks down all the major wood components in your shingles.   This causes the shingle to gradually degrade to a spongy and stringy texture, causing it to weaken, shrink, break, and collapse.

Brown rot fungus, commonly known as “dry rot,” presents itself as a black or dirt brown color. It commonly causes the wood to be dry and fragile, cracking across the grain. It is dangerous because it rapidly decays the cellulose and hemicellulose in the shingles, leaving a brown residue of lignin (the substance that holds the wood cells together). Brown rot is generally more serious than white rot, as it can quickly weaken the shingle before any visible signs are detected.   If left untreated, the shingles will easily crumble into cubes, and turn into a powder when crushed.

Moss, which is appears green and spongy retains constant moisture on the cedar shake. Furthermore, it does not permit the red cedar to breathe as it should. This causes the cedar shake wood to deteriorate rapidly.

Be sure to periodically examine your cedar siding and cedar shake roof for the aforementioned colors. If you see any of them and suspect you may need a siding cleaner or roof cleaner contractor, be sure to contact a professional roofing and siding cleaner. The longer you put it off, the more damage will incur resulting in more costs to you.

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Picture of Cedar Shake Roof Cedar Siding Before Roof Cleaning Evanston Cook County Picture of Cedar Shake Roof Cedar Siding After Roof Cleaning Evanston Cook County

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