Dirty Roof Myth Busters No.3

“Removing the algae and associated black streaks and stains doesn’t really increase the home’s curb appeal.” This is a myth.

  • According to real estate professionals, good curb appeal can add as much as 10% to the value of the home. Why not make your home look every dollar its worth especially if it is on the market for sale.
  • A dirty and streaky roof makes your home look older than it really is. Homeowners spend a lot of money painting the exterior of the house or installing vinyl siding to make the house look newer only to realize the house still looks old and worn down with the streaky roof.
  • The appearance of a home reflects on the homeowners – good or poor. A clean well maintained house makes you look first-class. A dirty looking roof make you look…well you get the point.
  • A clean well maintained home makes for a good neighbor with the community. You might not think twice about how your roof looks. Heck you might not even be bothered by the algae making a mess out of your roof.  But know this. Your neighbors and friends certainly notice and are likely bothered by your roof.

The algae, moss, lichen, black streaks and stains do not appear suddenly on your roof. The streaks and stains gradually appear and slowly spread across the roofs surface. In fact, it spreads so gradually that you might truly not have noticed. Next time you go outside, gaze closely at your roof from all sides. You may have forgotten how good it once looked. If you do see signs of streaks and stains, don’t it ignore any further. Call a professional roof cleaner to have it restored. Not only will your neighbors appreciate it but it will give you a boost of pride.

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