Dirty Roof Myth Busters No.5

“It OK to clean a roof with a power washer.” This is a myth. Nothing can be further from the truth. In fact other than setting your roof on fire power washing your roof is the worst thing you can do to it! Power washing is fine for cleaning hard dense materials such as masonry, vinyl siding and wood decks. However asphalt shingles are fragile. Releasing the high water pressure from a power washer on to your roof shingles will not only remove the black stains but also thousands of shingle granules. Some of the consequences of this include a shortened life span of the shingles, a shingle warranty that is now void and increased utility bills since the shingles ability to reflect the suns energy would be compromised. All caused by power washing.

The proper way of cleaning a roof is with a soft wash process which attacks the algae, moss, lichen and fungus feeding off the shingles but does not attack the shingles themselves. The need to educate homeowners cannot be stressed enough about the importance of selecting only roof cleaning professionals trained and certified in the art of non-pressure soft wash cleaning and restoration.

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