Dirty Roof Myth Busters No.6

“Chemical roof cleaning will damage the shingles and landscaping.” This is a myth. We use an algaecide specially formulated for roof shingles. This solution is recommended and endorsed by ARMA (the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association) and GAF (North America’s largest shingle maker). Our process attacks the roof algae not the roof or landscaping.

As an extra precaution a ground person continuously waters down the surrounding lawn and landscaping while the spray technician applies the algaecide to the roof. By the way, the ground person also serves as a safety buddy to the spray technician. So not only does the homeowner get a sparkling clean roof but also a well watered healthy lawn!

Do roof cleaning chemicals damage roof shingles? Do roof cleaning chemicals damage grass, lawns or landscaping?  Tell us what you think.

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