Dirty Roof Myth Busters No.7

“Only the visible streaks and stains need to be treated.” This is a myth. Many homeowners wish to have only one side of their roof, where the algae are most visible, cleaned and washed. They believe that it is only the one side that is dirty having ugly stains and black streaks on it. The algae do grow mostly on the north and west facing roofs which receives the prevailing moisture and shade. However when the air born algae lands on the roof, it is not attracted by the north facing surface of the roof such as metal particles are attracted to a magnet. No the hungry and destructive algae lands on all sides of the roof. You just don’t see it or the effects of it on all sides. The algae are a microscopic organism which is not visible with the naked eye. It grows and multiplies on all sides of the roof. However since the north sides make the most ideal breeding ground for the algae, it multiplies and spreads most rapidly across the roof’s north surface. The dense areas of the algae communities are evident by the black streaks and ugly stains.

If only one side of the roof is treated by killing the algae the unseen algae living on the other side of the roof will quickly migrate to the restored side. And now the cycle starts all over again. This will end up costing the homeowner more money in the long run by having to prematurely restore the roof again. The cost of treating the entire roof is not much more than treating only half of the roof. The reason for this is simply because a significant portion of the cost is from preparing and blending the specifically formulated roof cleaning solution, the time to travel to and from the job site and the time to set up and clean up. It does not take that much additional time to treat the other side of the roof. It is highly recommended to treat the entire roof. It costs only a little more than treating only half of the roof and will save the homeowner in the long run.

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