Dirty Roof Myth Busters No.8

“Cleaning a roof is an easy do-it-yourself (DIY) project that any homeowner can do.” This is a myth. After watching a video of a professional roof cleaner, one might think that’s a cinch and there’s nothing to it. Think again. Professionals experienced in their craft always make it look easier than it is. You have to consider the chemicals and how to safely mix them and in the proper ratios as to not cause any issues. You have to consider all the equipment that is involved to contain, pump and spray the solution. More importantly you have to consider safety. A professional roof cleaner has been properly trained in roof safety and the required safety equipment. Unfortunately all too often we hear of someone injured due to a fall. The injury results in large medical bills, chronic pain, immobility or death. We applaud the eager DIY homeowner that’s ready to tackle the next project. However we strongly urge the homeowner to leave the few specialized and dangerous jobs such as roof cleaning to others.

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