Lynna from Oak Brook, IL 60523

They were very informative and very patient answering questions. They did exactly what they told us they were going to do. They got rid of the black streaks and the moss. Note: the roof cleaning does not include leaf and stick pick up. But they told us that upfront. At first we were a bit concerned because where the moss was there was something that looked like brown fuzz. I asked them about it and they told me it would be gone in a about a week that it was dead moss. It’s been a week and most of it is gone. I suspect where there is a bit left….there was a lot more moss. The roof looks great! They made sure the area was clean and answered any questions before they left. They were informative, professional, and effective at getting the job done. They guaranteed their work for 2 years, but suggested that I probably won’t need to call him back for 5 years. I would call them again and/or recommend them to neighbors and friends.

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