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Homeowners often ask “How do you know if the roof needs to be replaced? or “how many more years does my roof have?”. You can ask a roofing contractor to give you an opinion. But we recommend you at least read the following guide on assessing shingles and take a look yourself. Be sure to examine both north and south as the north side shingles will likely be in better condition with the exception of the algae.

Assessing Your Asphalt Shingles

The condition of asphalt composition shingles is dictated by the condition of the granules in the joints between the tabs or cutouts in the shingles. Consider the following:

*If the granules are intact in the cutouts or joints between the tabs, the shingles are acceptable and should have years of remaining life.

*If the granules in the cutouts are worn and the asphalt matrix is visible, the shingles are marginal because of the obvious wear and limited remaining life expectancy, perhaps six months to two years.

*If the granules and matrix in the cutouts are worn through and you can see the shingles or sheathing below, the shingles are no longer acceptable.

Curling or cupping shingles may be an indication of wear, age, or condensation problems. However, it does not indicate failed shingles. Remaining life expectancy could be two to five years.

Even when shingles are in poor condition, roofs with multiple layers may not leak because of the layer of shingles below. These back-up layers can deflect water to the gutter system.

The life expectancy of asphalt shingles is determined by the following:

1) The slope of the roof. Shingles will last longer on higher sloped roofs because water sheds quickly and more completely.

2) The color of the roof. Lighter-color roofs last longer than darker roofs because they reflect the sun better.

3) Exposure to the sun. North-facing shingles last longer than south-facing shingles because the sun causes as much damage as rain and associated weather.

High-slope, light-color, east-west facing roofs can last 25 years or more. Low-slope, dark-color, south-facing roofs may fail within 15 years. Roofs in the north tend to last longer than roofs in the warmer, southern climates.

Picture of non-pressure washing in Lisle DuPage County

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Picture of non-pressure washing in Lisle DuPage County

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