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Cedar Roof Cleaning and Preserving in Oak Brook and Hinsdale, DuPage County

Tuesday, October 24th, 2017

Cedar shakes and shingles have been used for centuries. Cedar wood has proven its longevity in diverse weather climates. Cedar shakes and shingles contain oils that make them naturally resistant to decay. Cedar’s elegant look, insulating property and ability to hold up to wind and impact makes cedar shakes and shingles a great choice for roofing and siding material. You will find many houses with cedar shake roofs in communities such as Oak Brook and Hinsdale in DuPage County, Illinois.

A cedar shake roof can be expected to have a life span of 40 to 60 years. A long life begins with its installation. Proper installation will help maximize the life of cedar shake roof. On the flip side, improper installation will help to shorten the life of the cedar shake roof. Ensuring the maximum lifespan of a cedar shake roof does not stop with proper installation. Ongoing care and maintenance is equally import and a must!

Here are a few cleaning and maintenance tips to help preserve your cedar shake roof:

  • Tree branches hanging over the roof should be kept trimmed away. This will prevent leaves, small branches and other debris from building up and keeping the roof wet. The overhanging branches also block the sun from keeping the cedar dry. Damp cedar promotes moss, algae and fungi infestations. Additionally overhanging branches help make easy access for animals and insects to the roof.
  • Debris in gutters and downspouts need to be cleaned out regularly, usually in the spring and fall. Downspouts should run directly to the ground or to another gutter below. They should not drain directly onto a lower roof surface. Debris in gutters will clog the downspouts preventing water from draining out. Standing water or even just damp debris promotes moss, algae and fungi infestations on the cedar shake.
  • Cedar needs to air out and breathe thus it needs to be kept clean. Don’t allow branches, leaves, or other debris to build up on the roof. Do not allow a buildup of moss, algae or lichen. Both the top surface and the spaces between the shakes need to be kept clear of debris and moss.
  • As with any time of roof, proper ventilation is critical. Roof vents, ridge vents, louvers and soffit vents need to be kept clear and not allowed to be restricted. Proper ventilation ensures that heat and moisture do not build up in the attic area. Proper ventilation also prevents water from accumulating at the bottom of the roof and then freezing. This is commonly referred to as ice damming.
  • Periodically have the cedar roof professionally cleaned. If we do not have our teeth periodically cleaned, they experience buildup and eventually decay. Cedar shake roofs are somewhat the same. If a cedar shake roof is not periodically cleaned, it will experience a buildup of infestations such as algae, moss, lichen and fungi. These organisms will case the cedar wood to decay. Not to mention they just make the cedar roof look old and ugly. A cedar roof within the Oak Brook and Hinsdale and surrounding communities should be cleaned every five to seven years.

When was the last time you had your cedar shake roof inspected and cleaned? If it’s been longer than five years, or you are not sure when it was last cleaned, contact a professional cedar roof cleaning contractor. The longer you put it off, the more decay may incur resulting in a short lifespan and ultimately more costs to you.

For more information, photos and videos go here. Contact us now for a free assessment and quote. In addition to Oak Brook and Hinsdale, DuPage County, we service the entire north and west suburbs of Chicago.

Picture Before  Cedar Roof Cleaning Preserving Oak Brook and Hinsdale DuPage County

Picture After Cedar Roof Cleaning Preserving Oak Brook and Hinsdale DuPage County

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