welcome pic 1Does your roof have black steaks and ugly stains? If so your roof is most likely under attack by common algae officially known as Gloeocapsa Magma. The northern and western sides of the roof are most prone. The algae will quickly multiply and spread throughout your roof’s surface evident by the black streaks and ugly stains. Besides being unsightly and diminishing your home’s curb appeal, it is destructive and costly. Almost every roof today is prone to algae as well as mold, moss and lichen which are all harmful. This is because asphalt shingles contain limestone as a weight additive. The algae thrive on the limestone as a source of food which deteriorates shingle integrity. This will result in premature roof replacement.

welcome pic 2There is hope! The certified roof cleaning professionals at Advantage Roof Cleaning Co. understand the importance of properly treating and restoring your roof, allowing it to function correctly and last for as long as possible. We use a certified soft-wash cleaning solution that is guaranteed to instantly restore your shingles to their proper condition. Our environmentally friendly cleaning process will not harm your roof, siding, plants, grass, or pets and is endorsed by the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association as well as the leading shingle manufacturers. We attack the algae not the shingles. We never power wash, use heavy machinery, or apply any type of pressure. Any of these inferior methods will cause further damage to your shingles and void the manufacturer’s warranty! You will be amazed at the results once we have finished cleaning your roof.

Cost of not correcting the problem. Most homeowners are not aware that their roofs can be cleansed of the damaging algae and restored to their original color and beauty. Roughly 50% of roofs in the mid west are replaced simply due to their ugly appearance or premature deterioration that could have been prevented! It goes without saying that replacing a roof is very costly. Imagine spending $4,000 – $24,000 on a brand new roof only to find out that you could have extended its useful life several years if you had it professionally treated and restored for a mere fraction of the cost!

Benefits of having your roof professionally cleaned and restored by us:
– Protects your most important investment with smart and inexpensive preventative maintenance saving you thousands of dollars.
– Extends the useful life of your roof.
– Good curb appeal can add as much as 10% to the value of your home.
– You might not think twice about how your roof looks but your neighbors and friends notice. A clean well maintained house makes you look first-class.
– A dirty and streaky roof makes your home look older than it really is.
– Maintaining your home today means one less thing to be worrying about tomorrow.

Please don’t wait. Take action now to protect your most important investment – your home. The longer you wait the more damage your shingles will suffer. Call our toll free number 888-830-1285 right now or email info@AdvantageRoofCleaning.com for more information or to request your free no-obligation quote. Let us make your roof sparkle. Everyone will think you have a new roof!